fleece ponchos

I always want to be more crafty than I am. I have a sewing machine and can do some basic sewing. I’m really pretty terrible at sewing a straight line, so my options are limited. Last year I made the girls some no-sew fleece ponchos, but really they aren’t that cute. This year I really wanted to make some double layer ones and to add a hat. We happened in to Joann’s on a day when fleece was 50% and I picked up some remnants, which means they were an extra 50% off, so the fleece needed for one poncho ended up costing only about $5. If I screwed it up I wasn’t wasting too much 🙂

Here are the first two I made, one for Beatrice and one for Felicity. I have since made one for Eloise as well, but haven’t taken any pictures yet. Greta’s will hopefully be made soon. I’m pretty happy with them and the girls seem to like them and they are relatively warm. They will be prefect to throw over them in the carseat this winter. Even though you can’t see the lining all that well, they each have two layers of fleece!