Monkey Snuggles

Since before Greta was born, I have wanted some glorious longies or shorties or some wool diaper cover. They are just so cute and supposedly work wonderfully. But, I could never justify the cost. I used to be a devoted cloth diaper contest enterer, but it became too much to keep up with once people started adding a zillion ways to enter, so I have given up on that for the most part. I will enter contests if I see them and they are simple to enter (i.e. only one or two ways to enter). Back in April, I entered a contest at Monkey Snuggles for Earth Day. I won a pair of longies, matching diaper and t-shirt! I was so excited. I already knew I loved their fitted diapers and had been dying to get my hands on some of their longies or shorties.

I tried to pick a gender neutral color so that Eloise and baby bunny could wear them. I got them sometime this summer, but seeing as it has been quite warm, I haven’t really put them on Eloise yet. Now that the mornings are quite cool, I decided it was time to put them on her. I love them. I haven’t actually lanolized them, which makes them waterproof, but they are cute just to wear as pants for now.





The pants have plenty of room to grow, so they will fit Eloise this winter and maybe next as well.



I ordered the toddler sized diaper rather than the one-size diaper since we have a few of the one-size diapers and the rise seems a tad short and I was afraid it wouldn’t fit Eloise for that much longer. The toddler size seems to be quite a bit bigger than the one-size, so there is plenty of growing room! I love the way their fitteds are designed, with two snap in soakers and fold/snap down rise. They are also made with bamboo velour, which is oh so soft. Monkey Snuggles is run by a mom who lives in Vermont. She makes all of the diapers and both her mom and grandma help with the knitting of longies, etc. She usually always has a few things in stock and also does custom orders. She usually stocks her store on Thursdays, so that is when there is the best selection. Thanks again Monkey Snuggles!

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