first day of preschool

Greta started preschool today. She is going two mornings a week to a little school, that so far seems great. They have 16 kids and 3 teachers, go to a music class, a movement class, and just do regular preschool stuff. Last week we went to orientation and she seemed to do totally fine. Last night before bed she wouldn’t really even talk about school, I think she was a little nervous and well it has been a big week for her, so lots going on in her head. This morning we had to wake her up! (She has been sleeping much later these days, which is definitely good, and I’m glad the days of the 5:30 wake up calls are gone, although Eloise is often up that early.) We picked out her clothes last night. For now there will be no dresses at school, since when she is nervous or excited or shy, she tends to pull her dress up and pretend to chew on it, and well it isn’t great to show your undies to everyone in your class. She also often removes her dress to go to the potty so that it doesn’t fall in the potty, and again, not so acceptable at school. And we need clothes that she can easily handle in the bathroom on her (although the teachers will help her if she needs it, it just makes it easier if she can do it herself). So shorts/pants and skirts it is for now.

She was definitely a little nervous, although I think she was excited as well. We took some pictures at home first. Eloise had to join in on the fun as well (she wanted to bring a bag along as well).







On the way to the car, Greta insisted she need flowers for her teachers. Seriously, how sweet is this child (she is clearly going to be a teacher’s pet). We took a few more pictures outside of the building. You can definitely tell she is getting a tad nervous and serious about this whole thing.




first day of school

Then we went inside to wait for the teachers to open the doors. Eloise was getting a little unsure of all that was going on. Soon enough we went in and she gave her teachers’ their flowers (they were so sweet about it) and she didn’t even look back. The report from the teachers was that she did great! She told me she didn’t cry, but one girl and one boy did. She played with some toys, colored, listened to stories, went on the playground, played a game, had a snack, etc. She was excited to see us, but really had a great time.






She is getting so big. I never would have guessed she would go to school so easily, but her confidence has grown so much in the past year that she really is a different child. She is still shy of new situations and new people (especially men), but she has so much more confidence and enthusiasm for everything.

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