typical photo shoot with 3 kids

We started in the front yard and were doing alright there, until the recycling man came and scared Eloise. The garbage and recycling men are the hit of the day usually, but apparently being outside makes them too loud and scary.

A pretty cute first attempt, some smiles from the big girls.


And then they get distracted by something.


Then the recycling man comes and Eloise freaks out and throws the baby to the side and we go inside to watch. While the recycling man is usually quite the hit, apparently being outside it is too loud and scary.


After watching the recycling man from the safety of the house, we move to the back yard for another attempt. Eloise refuses to sit down and instead wants to stand. Not a big deal, let’s go with it. All three looking, one smiling, two not looking unhappy, win!


One looks away, one looks miserable, one smiling quite lovely.


Finally get the baby to smile and neither big kid is looking.


All three with pleasant, kind of looking at me faces, one child doing a plie or something.


Middle child runs off.


Keep snapping, because well maybe the other one will come back if she sees the others having fun. Two happy kids, looking cute and loving.


See, she came back! Now big sister is hiding behind the baby, ugh.


Now we can see the oldest face, but the middle one looks down.


And middle one is leaving again. I give up for today.


It seems like the first few were the best, if only I wasn’t after the perfect picture 🙂

One thought on “typical photo shoot with 3 kids

  • April 2, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    ROTFL! I love the blow by blow account! I love these sweet ladies!!! 🙂

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