quick takes #zillion

1. On the few random warm days we have had we have tried to spend as much time as possible outside since we don’t really know how many more there will be. This include side walk chalk on the front walk and driveway.






2. Since our driveway is pretty terrible (hilly) for scooting/bike riding, we usually go down to the nearby park and use the basketball courts for scooting/riding. Nice and flat, surrounded by grass. The big girls LOVE it!






3. This is what happens when I leave the room. Poor baby is going through such a difficult separation anxiety phase.

Beatrice stands and cruises, but it still a little too wobbly to walk, maybe in a month or two. She has four teeth!


4. My sweet girls.



5. Greta thought the Amish girl outfit we have worked well with her pilgrim hat from school. I think it does work very well 🙂



6. This takes talent. And as you might imagine resulted in an eye full of yogurt.


Beatrice also loves when her sisters include her in whatever they are doing.


7. Greta LOVES to do ‘tricks’. She will do random things and ask what is this called, thinking she must have done some dance move. Sometimes they have a name and sometimes not.




7. Eloise mostly avoids having her picture taken, so there aren’t as many of her lately. She definitely knows how to pout.


But oh she loves our baby and her babies.



8. I never really shared any more about Albert and it appears I’m not going to get to a real post, so you get the short story. During the hurricane, Albert wasn’t really eating much, but we just thought it was stress or he decided he didn’t like his food (this has happened before). So we got him some new food to try and he ate a little, but not much. He definitely seemed weak and not like himself. We took him to the vet and they told us he either his heart was enlarged and he was in heart failure or had cancer. They told us to take him to the emergency vet to get more testing, have his heart drained to see what the fluid around his heart was and have him given IVs. We opted to take him home and give him some medicine that would help him feel better IF it was his heart. I picked him on Monday evening from the vet and he died Tuesday around noon at home. We are all still a bit sad, but we did have a little funeral for him and buried him in the back yard. The girls colored pictures to put in the box with him. (Greta was the only one who would pose with him before we took him to the vet).



9. Let’s end with a super cute picture of the girls in front of our Christmas tree (more tree pictures later).


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