Greta has read a few books aboutĀ leprechaunsĀ at school lately. And now she seems to have created a whole elaborate world of leprechauns. We have set up a leprechaun trap to capture one this weekend.

All of these facts are according to Greta.
There are five leprechauns per state. They bring gold, real gold coins, not chocolate gold coins on Greta’s birthday. They also deliver gold to some other countries on Granddaddy’s birthday. So everyone keep your eyes peeled on either May 30 or October 2. In Pennsylvania we have one girl leprechaun and three boy leprechauns, while in Florida there are four girl leprechauns and only one boy leprechaun. But don’t worry, all of the girl leprechauns dress like boys so you can’t tell them apart. They have orange hair and beards, some have brown skin, some white. They wear all green, except their belts, which are black with a shiny belt buckle.

We have some chocolate gold coins set out in our leprechaun trap. Once we capture the leprechaun, we will hopefully find his gold, but if not, we will still get some gold on Greta’s birthday.

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