20 weeks

I’m not sure how the 20 week ultrasound works other places, but the two practices I’ve been to work the same way. The ultrasound is performed by the ultrasound tech and that person really doesn’t give you any information. She will say oh there is the heart, foot, hand, etc., but she gives no indication of whether everything is fine and dandy. She leaves that up to the doctor/midwife at your appointment. Depending on when you had your previous appointment, you might schedule your next with them immediately or it might be a few days/weeks.

So today I had my ultrasound and it was exciting to see the little baby moving around in there. According to the measurements on the screen the baby seemed to be measuring normal (+/- a week). I have my actual midwife appointment on Thursday to discuss the results. New this time was an added vaginal ultrasound to measure cervix length. This is supposed to be a predictor for pre-term labor.

And of course we didn’t find out the sex of the baby, just like all the others. Here are the pictures we got (P.S. I’m always totally jealous of everyone else’s ultrasounds, why do they never give me good pictures?)




And a pretty terrible picture I took today.


Here is an article I read recently about 4th babies and whether we are hoping for a boy (we aren’t).

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  • January 28, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    Not that I have kids or probably will .. but I’ve too have always thought it’s weird that people think one should keep trying for a girl or boy. People have a lot of chuptzpah! Also I hope you’re feeling well and that winter hasn’t made you miserable. Stay warm!

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