I mentioned a while back that we were trying to organize our children’s books. I’ve finally started making progress in the past week or so. I based my whole system off of something I read on Catholic Icing.

We started off with a complete mess. IMG_4553-001

I broke our books into categories and started labeling with those little circle stickers (with tape on top to hold them on).

Our categories for now are:

GREEN – board books (turns out we have A LOT of them, I ran out of stickers and need to either color some white ones green or buy more green stickers).
BLUE – religious/church books
RED – holiday books (Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc).
WHITE – non-fiction
BLACK – collections of books, either by author or character (i.e. golden books, pooh, berenstain bears)
YELLOW – finding books + big books such as those long Richard Scarry books.
ORANGE – chapter books

Everything else is unlabeled for now.

For now we have most of the color coded books in the family room and the unlabeled books in bedrooms and the play room. Each shelf has a label so hopefully that will make it easier to put books away when they come off the shelves. I know they won’t always stay as ordered, but for now they look nice and pretty. Plus I keep finding more books that need labels 🙂





Now that I’ve totally destroyed all the shelves and reassembled, Matt pretty much needs to start over with the scanning of books, which hopefully will happen soon! I’ve discovered several duplicate books that I’ll be donating to Greta’s classroom.

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  • March 28, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    nice job on the books! hope the girls keep them that way…….

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