7 quick takes

Apparently it has been a while since I posted, oops. So, what’s been going on?

1. Well that awful rash was fading and nearly gone from my arms and everywhere else was definitely lighter and less itchy, and then I got strep throat again. Because of course. Now, I’m not someone who frequently gets strep throat. My mom says that I might have had it as a child, but not more than once or twice. So, woo, twice in a summer. So, thanks to some excellent (sarcastic) medical care, I’m covered in spots again. I’m likely going to be starting UVB light treatment soon, but I still might change my mind and not do it. I was supposed to go this morning, but Eloise is home from school with a cold (first week back, and sick already), so I cancelled it. Thankfully my face has so far been sparred this time, so as long as I’m wearing mostly long sleeves and pants, no one can tell that I’m a spotted leopard. One day, I’ll be back to normal, at least I hope so. And let’s hope that I don’t keep getting strep because I’ll likely continue to break out. Yuck.

2. School started for both older girls. Greta is in first grade. Eloise in 4 year old preschool. So far, so good, but Eloise is sick already, so that’s no fun. While she probably would have been ok to go to school, with all these new scary viruses going around, I didn’t want to send her. Greta is annoyed that they are reviewing everything they learned last year.

greta1st grade-001


3. Last weekend we baptized Felicity. It was lovely and nice to have most of our family together.








4. Greta started playing soccer. For now, we are letting the girls chose one extracurricular activity. Eloise is sticking with dance, and Greta picked soccer this year.





5. Four kids in and new things are still happening. First, last weekend was the first time I pulled a kid out of their carseat while the vehicle was moving. Felicity was screaming after waking up on a long drive home. We were pretty close to home, but really just needed to actually get home. She started spitting up and then choking. I was sitting in the back seat, so I pulled her out, flipped her over and started whacking her on the back, while yelling at Matt to pull over. Eventually he found a safe place to pull over and all was fine, but definitely not my favorite event. Felicity is the first child to fall asleep on her own every once in a while. Today she fell asleep in the play gym. What new surprises are still in store for us?


6. The garden is slowly reaching it’s end. We’ve had yummy tomatoes, super long green beans (plus lots of regular green beans), squash and zucchini, okra, peppers. We still have some carrots planted that we will harvest in another month or two. We bought and packaged a bunch of local corn to freeze for the winter.




7. And we will end with the mohawk picture that I’m sure most of you have seen already.


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