4 months

Well 4 months have come and gone since Miss Felicity was born. It always goes so fast. We had her check up yesterday and she is the smallest of our babies at 4 months old, yet she was the biggest by far at birth. Strange things. She is definitely not small, still in the 80-90 percentile, but the smallest by weight at just under 16 pounds. But she sure is cute! She can roll from back to belly and these days spends most of her time on her belly attempting to move around. Her hair has mostly fallen out and is turning blonder every day.




In other news, I’m still spotted. We are kind of getting into a school year routine, now that most everything has started up. Greta will be starting Girl Scouts next week and then I think everything will have started. Greta’s picture day was on Monday and before she left I snapped a picture or two in case we don’t like the school ones. The others had to get in on the pictures as well.




And because everyone was cooperating and we needed to get Felicity in the picture and she can’t sit on her own yet, we did a group shot. It didn’t it take many shots to get them all mostly looking and smiling.


One thought on “4 months

  • October 7, 2014 at 1:15 am

    pretty pic of you and baby Fee. They are all growing so fast and changing so much

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