garden update

We’ve had an ok garden year. We’ve had some critters eating lots of our tomatoes and beet greens. We got a good initial haul of beets, but then most have been eaten by a critter or the birds ate the seeds. We’ve gotten a steady stream of green beans. I have frozen a bunch and we have eaten a bunch. The kids are getting quite tired of them. We have gotten some okra, but never enough for my liking. We planted more this year, but still have just enough for a serving or two every few days. I would love to have more to freeze, but alas it never produces as much as I want. We planted sunflowers in the actual garden this year, and they have done beautifully. We always have lovely birds coming to eat the seeds. We had a pumpkin plant grow out of our compost bin and it produced a bunch of pumpkins for us. We were hoping not to have to buy pumpkins for the porch, but we had to pick them early since they were starting to rot. I’ve already roasted and frozen almost all of it. We’ve had a few squashes, but not many. We planted some spaghetti squash and some long Italian squash. There are lots of Italian squashes growing right now, so hopefully soon we have a bunch of them!












Our blueberry bushes had a rough year. Matt expanded our patch this weekend and we are hoping to add a few more bushes this fall and hopefully take better care of them so we can get some more blueberries.

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