Thankful Day #6

I’m thankful for our church. We have had some pretty incredible parishes in the past, who have all really focused on the social concerns aspect of our faith. Thankfully, our current parish is similar and although initially we didn’t love it nearly as much as some previous parishes, it was the best around here. As time has gone on and we have gotten more involved, we have participated in many of their outreach projects. Yesterday, we had our annual Day of Service. A few different churches (ours is the only Catholic one participating) participate in a bunch of different service projects, some out in the community, others at your church. It was so nice to see so many members of our parish community coming together to give back. There were toiletry kits assembled, winter bags assembled for the poor, sandwiches made, cat toys made (for local animal shelters), baby bundled made, birthday boxes for local food pantries, meals for Aid for Friends prepared, decorations for shared meal made, blankets for the elderly made, elderly parish members yards cleaned up for winter, and I’m sure many others I’m not remembering. I’m grateful for the family and young children programs that I have been helping get started, so that my children can grow up in a parish family.

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