Iceland day #7 & #8

Thursday we spent the morning searching for souvenirs. After some ice cream we headed back to the house for a bit before heading out to our puffin tour, which went off without a hitch this time. The weather was beautiful and the seas were calm. I think the puffin tour was one of the girls’ favorite things of the trip, they are still talking about going on a boat. Just my dad came with us since everyone else was satisfied with their puffin viewing the day before. Puffins are only around in Iceland for a few months in the summer while the mate (did you know they mate for life?). They come back to a few islands around Iceland every year in April/May. The puffins always return to the place they were born. Puffins are so much smaller than I imagined and they are very fast flyers, so it’s hard to get a good picture of them. Not all of the tour companies allowed children, so we found one that did.
















After a final dinner out, we said goodbye to everyone before bed. Everyone else had to leave the house at 5 AM for their flight, while we didn’t need to leave until 1 PM. We got up Friday morning and packed all of our stuff and cleaned up the house a bit before checking out and leaving our things in the hallway of the house. Then we headed out to get one last souvenir and then to lunch. What was our cheapest meal of the trip was also our last. If only we had found Cafe Haiti earlier in our trip we might have made more than one trip there. It is right along the Harbor near where all of the whale and puffin watching boats head out.

Then it was back to the house to gather our stuff and head home.



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