Children’s books – where to find diverse books

For anyone who has been to our house, you know we have a A LOT of books. We all love books, whether just to look at, to read aloud or to read to ourselves. We also regularly have 20-50 books out from the library. Of course not all books are created equal and sometimes we pick out some really boring books. I’m always on the look for new title to read, especially books for the older two to read that teach good morals and aren’t filled with trash. Some places I regularly find good book suggestions are:

1. The Read-Aloud Revival – Sarah has oodles of wonderful book lists on her site. Plus she has an awesome podcast that she often interviews authors and illustrators on.

2. A Mighty Girl – I mostly just follow their facebook page and pick up books they suggest (although I will say I don’t agree with all of their selections). Most of them are good, but a few are outside of what I’m comfortable with my kids reading.

3. We Need Diverse Books – Again I mostly follow along on facebook where they share lots of excellent lists of books that are as you guessed focused on diversity. I’m always looking for new titles to request from the library.

4. Give Your Child the World – This is an actual book recommendation that is filled with book lists. Jamie breaks down the book by continent and then there is a list for each age group under each continent. We used this book last summer to pick out lots of books at the library and every few months we look back to see if something new catches our eye, or if I feel like they are mature enough to handle a new category.

5. Read Brightly – Yet another place I mostly follow on facebook, but that compiles wonderful book lists.

You will often find the same books recommended over and over again, so usually those are the ones to check out. I most often start at the library and see what they have. Our library (like most) has a wonderful hold system that you can use to request books online form any county branch and then request it to be brought to your local branch for you to pick up. It’s really wonderful and makes life so much easier and the book selection explodes. There are definitely plenty of titles my library doesn’t have and so I just add them to my amazon wishlist (which is WAY too long) and hope to one day find them on a super sale or at a used bookstore.

Almost every book that I pick up that is about kids who live a different life than us, my kids LOVE. They love to learn about how other kids live in the world or how they experience different things than we do based on either where they live, the color of their skin, the religion they practice, etc. I’m going to try and regularly post some of our favorites.

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