some recent favorite books

We read a lot of library books (in addition to our favorites we already own). Here are some of our most recent favorites.

I’m New Here – This book is about several kids who are new immigrants to the USA and how they are learning to fit in at school and learn the language.

New Shoes – The girls LOVED this one. It’s about two African American girls who live in the 1960s America. One girl goes to a shoe store and can’t try on shoes, but has to just take them home with her and hope they fit. They then come up with a plan to start a shoe store for other African American children so they can try on shoes before buying. It teaches them that even small children can make a difference in their community.

This is How We Do It – This book goes through the day with 7 children who live in different parts of the world and talks about how they do different things in their life, such as eat breakfast, sleep, go to school, etc.

My Dadima Wears a Sari – We have gotten a few books by this author and they have loved them all. They are about an Indian girl who lives in the USA, but has her grandparents visit and she learns from them. In this book she learns about why her grandmother (Dadima) wears a sari.

Margaret and the Moon – The girls LOVED this one. It’s about a woman who was instrumental in the space program, especially in the Apollo missions. I love giving them good role models to look up to!

Brothers in Hope – After I read a book about the boys from Sudan, I really wanted to the girls to know about what happened, and thankfully there was a picture book available. This tells of the struggles the lost boys in Sudan felt and experienced. The girls thought it was a terrible thing to happen and were totally shocked by certain parts, but this book definitely does a good job of opening their eyes to the tragedies some children experience.

Suki’s Kimono – Oh how, we loved this book. Suki wants to wear a kimono on the first day of school and her big sisters really don’t want to. This book tells of her experience of doing what she wants, rather than listening to others. And really that is what we want our kids to do in the face of peer pressure.

One Hen – This book is similar to one we already own, called Beatrice’s Goat, where an organization offers a family living in poverty in Africa a small animal to change their lives. Both are a lovely introduction to the many programs out there that exist to help families to provide for themselves.

Yoon and the Jade Bracelet – This book not only references a different culture (Korean), but also deals with lying and trouble with bullies. Yoon learns to stand up for what is right.

Elizabeti’s Doll – This is a series of books, we have checked out the two our library has and loved both of them. Elizabeti’s adopts a rock as a baby doll and loves it oh so much. Again it helps to point out all the luxury we have living our life of privilege and how many places children don’t even have toys.

What picture books have you read lately that you loved?

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