Greta’s favorite diverse chapter books – part 2

A few more diverse book favorites of Greta’s.

Book Uncle and Me- Book Uncle’s cart is Yasmin’s first stop after school.  But when the town forces him to close, Yasmin knows she has to do something.  The local elections are coming up and one candidate promises to help if they’ll try to get votes for them.  He doesn’t keep his promise so how can they convince him.  Maybe a book from Book Uncle will do the trick.  I liked this one. (set in India)

Rickshaw Girl- A girl tries to drive her father’s rickshaw so he can have a rest.  She crashes it, and dresses up as a boy to get a job to help pay for repairs.  When she shows the store owner that’s she’s a girl,  the store owner hires her.  Then her father comes and doesn’t have to pay for repairs.  I’ve read this multiple times. (set in Bangladesh)

Number the Stars-  It is not easy to live in Denmark during WWII.  When her best friend’s family goes into hiding, she suddenly has a new “sister. ” They go down to an uncle’s house for a “holiday” where her uncle smuggles her friend’s family and others across to Sweden.  Another book I like.

Shooting Kabul & Saving Kabul Corner- Of what I can remember, in Shooting Kabul a little sister gets left behind when they are escaping Afghanistan.  I read this at least twice.  I like this one. In  the second book which takes place in the U.S.,  Adrianna is the opposite of her cousin who just came from Afghanistan.  But when a rival grocery store opens the family must work together to save their store. (The author also has a new book coming out in January about Syria, which Greta is excited about).

Listening for Lions & Chu-Ju’s house- I read Listening for Lions a while ago so I don’t remember too much about it.  Her parents die and she goes to live in England after living her whole life in Africa.  In Chu-Ju’s house,  a girl runs away so her baby sister can stay with her parents.  She travels all over China and eventually moves in with a old women and her son.  When the woman dies, she leaves her house to Chu-Ju.  Chu-Ju returns home where another baby is.  Her parents beg her to stay home but she returns.   A really good book.

Enchantment of the World- Last year these were my favorite, this year not so much. Each book focuses on one country in particular and describes the culture, economy,  and other things such as holidays.  Although I’ve read a lot of these,  the ones about south and eastern Asia are my favorites.

Lion-  When he is 5, Saroo gets lost on a train.  He survived for weeks on the street in Calcutta before going to an orphanage.  Soon after he is adopted by an Australian family.  25 years later he locates his birth mother and goes to visit her.  She stayed in the same area waiting for him because she believed that he had survived unlike his brother.  Definitely a 5 star book. (I read the adult version of this book (A Long Way Home: A Memoir) first and then discovered there was a Young Readers version, so recommended it to Greta).

Do you have any other suggestions for Greta?

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  • November 6, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    Wow! That is an impressive reading list! I would expect no less from my sweet, smart grandniece

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