I am way behind on posting, but I’ll try and catch up sometime soon. Here are some Halloween pictures of Greta. She was going to be either a ladybug or a cat and well she decided she liked the cat costume the best, so that was it. It was next to impossible to get a picture of her with the hat up, since she didn’t really like that part of the costume at all. Here is our cat:


We let Greta have one piece of candy on Halloween night. She loved it, of course.



After we visited the few folks we know in the neighborhood we sat outside and handed out candy for a little while. Greta liked seeing all the kids in their costumes.


One day when Greta and I got kicked out of the house for a showing we went to the pumpkin patch down the street. Greta doesn’t really want much to do with looking at the camera these days and she also likes to make a funny face when I tell her to smile. I think it is adorable, but I’m not sure the grandparents will love her squinched up eyes smile 🙂




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