We have had quite the snowy week around here. First up we had about an inch one morning last week. We took Greta out early in the morning, before the sun was up. She did not want the snow getting on her snow boots, so she stopped every two feet to wipe her feet off.


On Saturday we got about 10 inches of snow. Matt was the only one who went out that day. Greta had a bit of a cold so we didn’t really want her out in the cold and snowy weather. Here is a video of when the snow was coming down quite hard.

And this morning we have about 5-6 inches on the ground, with another bunch forecasted. Matt went out and built a huge snowman this morning since the snow was finally good packing snow. After he left for work I took Greta out to walk in the snow and take a picture of the snowman. She doesn’t really love the snow. I couldn’t get her to smile at all this morning, so our trip out was short.






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