week 1

We all survived our first week as a family of four. and we should celebrate because the first week did not result in a trip to the hospital like last time! It amazes me how much Eloise has changed in just one little week. She has definitely put on some weight. Her newborn diapers are getting smaller already.

The first two days were pretty much non-stop nursing. While I am completely and totally for breastfeeding, those first few days before the milk arrives are challenging (at least for my babies). Eloise never seemed content the first few days and always wanted to nurse more to fill her little belly. Thankfully by about 48 hours my milk started coming in and so she started becoming more and more content.




Eloise loves tummy time and can already hold her head up quite well. Her neck muscles have gone from average (according to the newborn nurse) to super (according to Matt and me). She still needs some support, but really can hold her head up on her own.




Eloise had her first bath at home this week. She didn’t really love it, but I don’t think most babies do at this stage.



Eloise has very long, narrow feet, toes and fingers. They might chub up, but for now they are skinny and narrow. Eloise has darkish hair, but it is definitely lighter than Greta’s was at birth. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are very light, so her hair may end up lighter than Greta’s. Her eyes are of course blue, but who knows what shade they will end up. Eloise has a little dimple under her right eye. She can really only see it when she is crying right now.





Greta and Matt went shopping and bought Eloise her first dress. Greta had to look through every single dress in the store before deciding which one to get. She has now worn it two days in a row. Greta adores Eloise and wants to hold her multiple times a day.



Eloise met lots of family this week. First she met my dad, Grandaddy, since he was staying with us. On Saturday of last weekend most of Matt’s family came down to meet her.

Eloise is a pretty content baby for the time being. She likes to be held (what baby doesn’t), likes to nurse and likes to sleep. She is a pretty deep sleeper, which I guess is to be expected since when she was in the womb it was quite noisy around the house. Eloise gets upset extremely fast, one second she is totally fine, the next she is screaming hysterically. She is a squeaky baby and makes some funny sounds. Here is one funny sound. She sounds like a cat (you need to turn the volume up to hear it). The first time she did it I thought it was Albert, but alas it was Eloise.

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