month one

Eloise is officially one month old today. It seems as if she has always been here. This post is going to be very picture heavy.

This month Eloise got to meet tons of family: all of her grandparents, all of Matt’s siblings (plus one brother-in-law, her godfather), all of her cousins, and my uncle. She still has a few important people to meet including her great-grandfather, my sisters, and the rest of the extended family.















This month was filled with visitors. When Eloise was born, my dad was here visiting. After he left, we were on our own for a week. Matt had the week off, so we got to spend some good time together as a family. The next week Matt’s mom came to stay with us, and the week after that both my mom and dad came to visit. We are thankful for all of the wonderful help. The last week of the month we were on our own again, with Matt back at work. So far we have survived just fine. I even made dinner every night. Eloise likes to be held just like Greta did, and so the only way I get anything done around here is to put her in the Moby Wrap. She takes nice long naps in it and I get to do the dishes, make meals, play with Greta, and do laundry.


Eloise is mostly still in the eat, sleep, poop phase. Eloise can be quite cranky sometimes and requires a bit of bouncing to get happy. She loves to be held on her belly across an arm. She can look around and it seems to calm her down most of the time. And so we have oodles of pictures of her laying across my arm.




Eloise doesn’t love tummy time, but she allows it for a few minutes at a time. At exactly three weeks, she started rolling from her belly to her back. We were totally amazed because we had to teach Greta how to roll that way at 6 months. Eloise apparently is going to be a early mover. The first day she rolled over twice in a row and has pretty much done it once a day since then. She doesn’t do it every time she is on her belly, but she does it often enough to say that she can definitely do it, and it is not a fluke. She definitely has a ways to go before she is a pro, since it usually takes a good couple of minutes to do the full 180. I tried to video it, but the videos were getting way too long, so it got cut into a zillion pieces, and in the end Greta was about to step on her, so I didn’t get the final push. I finally got a video this afternoon of her rolling. It isn’t great, but you get the idea. (also she is crying the whole time, so turn down the speakers unless you want to hear her cry). Basically she rolls onto her on her shoulder, sits and waits, then eventually gets her hips on their side, and then finally flops over to her back.





Eloise likes to sleep on her side. Often she ends up on her side by herself. I’m guessing soon enough she will figure out how to roll from her back to her belly and then we will be in trouble. Starting at about 3 weeks, Eloise seemed to wake up! She is much more alert these days. She likes to look around. She has even given each of us a few real smiles. We have yet to capture any on camera, but soon I hope.




Eloise’s hair seems to be lightening by the day. We are thinking she may be blonder than Greta, but only time will tell. Initially we thought Eloise looked quite similar to Greta, but as she grows and changes, we think they look less alike. Yes, there are still similarities, but Eloise seems to look more like my side of the family than Matt’s. Eloise’s skin is super dry, so she hasn’t been getting very many baths. Thankfully she doesn’t stink 🙂 Eloise definitely has been growing. She is pretty darn long. Most 3 month outfits fit her perfectly, although some are a little short in the arms. We won’t find out her new stats until we go to the doctor on Monday afternoon. I’ll be excited to see how much she has grown, since we haven’t been to the doctor since she was 4 days old. Her thighs are definitely starting to chub up.




This month we have ventured out only a little. Last weekend was our first real trips out of the house. We went to mass (which Eloise slept through in the wrap), on a few walks since the weather was beautiful (75 degrees both Saturday and Sunday), and to the little Italian place up the street. This week I went to the grocery store with both Eloise and Greta.



Greta continues to love her sister and wants to hold her often. She has even tried to pick her up a couple of times. Basically Eloise is not allowed out of my arms unless I am right there next to her. The only other safe place is the crib, and she isn’t too fond of that. Eloise likes to lay in the Moses basket, but Greta likes to lean over and kiss her, which although sweet, also is a little scary. Eloise spits up a bit. Most of the time it is my fault for not making her eat slower and with more breaks for burps.



two sleeping girls


Eloise started out the month not content at all, then she settled in and barely cried at all, now we are back to a good amount of crying. Eloise goes from happy to screaming her head off in an instant and also goes from screaming her head off to sound asleep in an instant. It is very interesting. I will have her in the wrap, ready to sleep, and she will be screaming and then all of a sudden silence, and her eyes are closed and she is sleeping. Bizarre. Can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

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