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So I’m sure many of you have been meal planning for years. Me, I just started. Before we had an extra freezer, so there was always plenty of room for food, so I didn’t really need to. Plus going to the grocery was no big deal with one baby. Then we moved here. In addition to getting Greta in the house, I had to get the groceries across the parking lot and up a flight of stairs. Not fun. So at the beginning of this year I started coming up with a weekly dinner plan so that I could get all of the shopping done in one day (Sunday, so I could leave Greta home and so Matt could up his hugely pregnant wife bring the groceries up the stairs). We get all the weekly grocery ads in the mail on either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on when the mail person feels up to delivering it. The wonderful thing about this is that the sales don’t usually start until Sunday, which means I can compare to last weeks ads and decided if I need to shop on Saturday or Sunday. We get something like 8 different grocery store ads, so I can compare and decide where to shop. I mainly stick to 2 or 3 stores, but it is nice to have options.

So sometime toward the end of the week I sit down and figure out what we are going to eat for the next week. I have to say I’m really enjoying this. Last year my goal was to try at least one new recipe a week, whether a new main dish or side or dessert, it didn’t matter as long as it was new. I think I did pretty well. I didn’t make something new every week, but I did make new things a lot. I’m hoping to keep that up. So far this week I have already made a couple of new things! I’m always interested to see what other people are eating, so maybe you are interested to see what we are eating. I’m going to try and post our menu most weeks. If I find anything great I’ll let you know. Here is this weeks:

Monday – roast chicken, potatoes with onion soup mix, broccoli
Tuesday – BBQ chicken pizza (green peppers, mushrooms, cheese, chicken, bbq sauce)
Wednesday – chicken burritos (chicken, cooked pinto beans, rice made with chicken broth and cilantro, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream)
Thursday – meatloaf with spaghetti, green beans (original plan) – we have enough chicken burrito stuff left over so we are having that again.
Friday – tilapia & quinoa with cucumber & feta (from this month’s everyday food)
Saturday – leftovers or out to eat

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