3 months


Boy does time fly. Eloise is now 3 months old (well now almost 4, but must get the 3 month update done first). I hardly remember what life with one child was like. Eloise is showing her personality more and more. She still loves to smile at everyone. She is a very easy going baby and is happy to smile at everyone and doesn’t even mind being held by people other than her ma and pa.



Eloise is very close to laughing. She definitely has some joyful noises, but I wouldn’t quite call it laughing just yet.



This month Eloise got to experience her first stroller ride. Her first few rides were quite short lived since she started crying and so I carried her.


Eloise got to meet both of my sisters. Caroline came down for almost a whole week during her spring break. Catherine met us in DC and then drove back to PA with us for a day.



This month’s big accomplishment was talking. Eloise is quite the talker. She babbles all day long and is LOUD.

We went on our first road trip with two kids this month. We drove down the DC area to visit with some friends. Eloise got to meet her first friend her age (Annie is only 5 days older). Eloise was great in the car, definitely an improvement over the days of Greta as a baby, in which we avoided car travel like crazy. In turns out Eloise doesn’t mind the car, so we will definitely be taking more road trips. Hopefully we will get down to the DC area again this summer.



Eloise and Greta continue to ADORE each other. Greta tries to shove every little piece of plastic food into her mouth. She is definitely getting practice for when the real food starts in a couple of months. Greta gives her toys and tries to teach her how to take care of animals and babies. Eloise just sits there and smiles so big at Greta whenever she pays any attention whatsoever. Often times I think Greta might be a little rough and I look over to tell her to be gentle and Eloise is just flashing the hugest smile, so I guess she must not be too rough.









Eloise got to take her first two trips to the zoo. She enjoyed looking at all the people when she was awake and she took quite a long nap as well.



Eloise is learning how to fight sleep a bit better as she gets older and is much more distracted by the world around her.


This month we started putting Eloise in the Bumbo for a few minutes. She seemed to like that she could sit and look around, although she was still a bit young for it and couldn’t stay in it for very long before her head started drooping.


Eloise is learning how to splash in the tub.


We took a trip up to Matt’s parents for Matt’s oldest goddaughter’s first communion.



Towards the very end of the month, Eloise discovered her built in chew toys, her hands! She also really started chewing on them, I guess the beginning of teething is here. She still really enjoys tummy time, most of the time.




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  • June 18, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    We have that same farm-themed bouncy seat! It’s so handy for carrying around the house!

    Oh, and that photo of your older daughter “reading” to her baby sister is the sweetest!

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