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FYI: If you are a Bank of America Customer, you can get in to a zillion museums free on the first weekend of the month. Each card holder gets in free, so for us that means both Matt and I get in free, so we only have to pay for Greta. The Please Touch Museum, the children’s museum in Philadelphia, is one of the museums that is part of the program.

We had been wanting to go to the Please Touch Museum one first weekend and finally made it there with some of our friends. It was great. Greta LOVED it. We started out in the auto room, where she used the digger, played with the cars, etc.



Greta’s favorite part of the museum was the ball blower thing.



Greta also really loved the kitchen.


Of course, the babies were popular. Matt thought it would be funny to put Eloise in the actual baby crib, but she was a little small. She didn’t seem to mind though.



For the first while we were there, Eloise did not look very happy. We did finally find a place for her to crawl around a little.



There was this cool boat thing that went up and down. Greta enjoyed riding and steering for a little bit. There was one little boy who was not so nice, he didn’t want Greta on the boat at all.


Greta got to ride the carousel. It was her first time riding one. She picked out a pretty horse to ride.



Greta liked watching these big kids jump down. She tries to copy them by jumping off the rocks. She loves big kids and always wants to do what they are doing.

Lastly we stopped at the water play area. Greta liked splashing in the water.


Here are a few other random pictures from the day. All in all it was a good time. We will definitely be going back on another first weekend.




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  • October 17, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    What a fantastic name for a museum! Judging from your photos, I am quite certain that both of my girls would love it!

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