10 months

This is the month of teeth! 4 teeth arrived this month, nearly all at the same time. Eloise is working on two more, but so far just four are showing.


Eloise figured out how to use a straw. She tried using Greta’s straw cup maybe once or twice before figuring it out. I went ahead and bought a few more so that way we only really have to use one kind of cup.

Eloise is quite the daredevil. She likes to try and stand on top of things, like rocking chairs.



At this point I think both Greta and Eloise are teaching each other new tricks. Greta used to never be very adventurous, but it seems that Eloise is rubbing off on her and so now they both try new things every day. Eloise loves to climb the stairs. She also learned this on nearly the first try. She gets a lot of practice since our play room is two steps down from the main living area. For a while there was a lot of falling down those two stairs, but my repeated attempts of showing her how to climb down feet first have finally paid off and she can go down them with ease.


I love this age when kids are learning so many new things and are so proud of their new tricks. Eloise is just like Greta and beams when you clap and cheer at a new trick.


Eloise has continued to adore her sister. She always wants to play with Greta and whatever Greta is playing with. This does create some fights, but so far we are all surviving.




Eloise has mastered the temper tantrum. Since she has been an expert back thrower for a while that really helps the temper tantrums have a little extra drama. So basically you take away something that she isn’t supposed to have and she immediately screams and throws herself backwards. Honestly it is a little funny to watch, especially when she is in crawling position. I want to get it on video, but most of the time I’m trying to rescue her from whacking her head on the floor or some other hard object.



Eloise loves to play in the mirrors upstairs. When Greta was this age we didn’t have any floor length mirrors, so she never really got to kiss herself in the mirror or look at herself.


This month we prepared for Christmas with lots of fun stuff. We went to NYC to see the lights, which included Eloise’s first train ride. We went to a little local place to see the decorations. We decorated our tree. We celebrated Christmas a few times before we left for FL.











Eloise got pretty good at feeding herself yogurt and making a mess.


Eloise started doing a little dancing this month.

Eloise started to show a bit of interest in books. She enjoys looking at the pictures and will sometimes sit for a short story. Her favorite task is taking the books off the shelf.






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