Ever since I lived in Charlottesville for grad school, I have loved forsythia. I don’t know if I never noticed it before or it just didn’t grow where I lived. Last year when we looked at our house the yellow flowers must have already bloomed and died. This year it has been such a joy to see what is popping up in our yard. We have several variety of flowers. Our backyard really it quite lovely (I think the loveliest in the neighborhood). Ever since our forsythia has burst forth with it’s yellow blooms I have been trying to get a picture of the girls in front of them. Lately neither child is very cooperative with pictures, so it has taken me MANY, MANY tries. I finally have some nice shots of the girls separately.









I know this is going to be one of my favorite places to take photos of the girls every spring. The flowers are just so vibrant and the bushes are just full of the flowers. I LOVE them. While I did accomplish solo shots of the girls, I’m still working on getting one of them together. Every time I put Eloise down, she was up before I picked the camera up and fired it off. So here is the best we have so far. I have a few more days before the blooms are gone, so maybe I’ll get the shot. If not, I’ll be happy that I at least got some good solo shots!



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