Advent and Christmas traditions

A few weeks ago at my mom’s group meeting at our church, we discussed the advent and Christmas traditions in our families. Many of the moms have children older than Greta, so they have more established traditions. We don’t really have many traditions, especially for Christmas because we are always traveling, and our families celebrate the holidays quite differently. Many of the moms shared some good ideas and so I want to write them down so that maybe next year we can start some.

1. Most people have advent calendars and wreaths. We don’t have a special calendar, but I have found one that I like, but haven’t bought it yet. We also don’t have a wreath even though I have wanted one for years because we have a cat that likes to eat candles. Anyone know of an electric advent wreath?

2. A couple of people slowly prepare for Christmas throughout the advent season by putting the tree up one week, the lights on the tree the next, then ornaments and finally the angel/star on top on Christmas Eve.

3. One mom says that they write a giving list rather than a wishlist. This helps the kids focus more on what they are giving to others rather than on “I want, I want, I want.”

4. One of my favorite ideas was that first thing on Christmas morning, the family reads the Christmas story from the Bible. After that they do breakfast and gifts. Some families also get up and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

5. Many people celebrate St. Nick’s day. Matt’s family has always done this and I hope we can make a bigger deal out of it in the future.

What kind of Advent or Christmas traditions do you have?